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Torture is systematic in Egypt ‘police state’

Torture is Systematic

Egypt has become a police state where citizens receive no protection from torture, human rights groups said in a report published on Thursday.  The rights groups, including the Hesham Mubarak Law Centre and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), lashed out at the state for its “systematic” use of torture.

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“Egyptians enjoy no protection against torture — a systematic, routine practice,” they said. “Crimes of torture continue to be an everyday practice in police stations (as well as) prisons and even on public roads.”In many documented cases, torture has resulted in death,” despite the Egyptian government insisting they are isolated cases, the groups said.”The security apparatus also commonly detains entire families as hostages to force wanted fugitives to turn themselves in,” the report said.The state of emergency allows for the detention of anyone who falls under the broad category of constituting “a danger to public security”.As a result,there are now around 12,000 to 14,000 detained persons “some of whom have been under detention for 15 years without charge or trial, although many have received numerous release orders.”

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