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Dr. Luke Mathew Peterson

Luke Peterson completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge (King’s College) in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies investigating language, media, and knowledge surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Dr. Peterson has published in the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, has chapters in three anthologies, and wrote a monograph titled Palestine in the American Mind: The Discourse on Palestine in the Contemporary United States, and his new book, Palestine- Israel in the Print News Media: Contending Discourses, is now available through Routledge Publications, London. Dr. Peterson moved with his wife, his three-year-old son, and his newborn daughter to Pittsburgh (via West Sussex, England) in the fall of 2014 where he took up the post of Visiting Professor of International Studies in the University of Pittsburgh Centre for International Studies for the academic year 2014–2015. From Pittsburgh, Dr. Peterson has contributed to local, national, and international media coverage on both television and radio speaking on topics relating to US Political and Military Strategy in the Middle East, the Emergence of the Islamic State, the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Contemporary Islam, and News Media and Coverage of the Middle East.

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