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New Civic Education Book Links Democracy to Islamic Principles: Authors see Islamic compatibility as key to acceptance of democracy

By Ralph Dannheisser

The Washington File
Dec. 2, 2005


Scholar says this generation’s Muslims face a momentous choice: Nothing less than the very soul of Islam is at risk

By Richard N. Ostling

Associated Press

November 04, 2005

Activist (Dr. Masmoudi) addresses the future of democracy in Arab nations

By Ally Diljohn

Old Gold & Black

October 20, 2005

Center for Study of Islam and Democracy to open office in Morocco

Morocco TIMES

October 14, 2005

Speaker (Dr. Masmoudi) Promotes Middle Eastern Democracy

BY Mason Moseley

The Daily Tar Heel

October 13, 2005

FrontPage Interviewes Dr. Radwan Masmoudi

Fighting for the Soul of Islam

By Jamie Glazov


October 6, 2005

“Iran’s intriquing new weave of tradition and change”
Helena Cobban
The Christian Science Monitor
16 Dec 2004.

“Scholar bridges Islam and West”
Susan Ives
San Antonio Express-News
28 Nov 2004.
“U.S. Muslims urged to be force for change”
Julia Duin
The Washington Times
28 May 2004.
“Support Mideast reform”
Susan Braden and Michael Wyganowski
The Washington Times
26 Apr 2004.
“Trial Could Influence Middle East, Experts Suggest”
Philip Dine and Karen Branch-Brioso
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
16 Dec 2003.
“Has America’s war against terror turned into a religious war?”
Wolf Blitzer
CNN News
1 Dec 2003.
“Is President Bush pushing for democracy too quickly in post-Saddam Iraq? No.”
Radwan Masmoudi
Insight into the News
1 Dec 2003.
“Can Islam and Democracy Coexist?”
Brian Handwerk
National Geographic
Dec 2003.
“Islam and the Unveiled Photograph”
Edward Rothstein
The New York Times
14 Jul 2003.
“Liberty for Muslims?”
Edward R. Sand
The Washington Times
4 Jul 2003.
“Easing into Islamic democracy”
Jane Lampman
The Christian Science Monitor
29 May 2003.
“Saad Eddin Ibrahim Urges Democracy for Muslim World”
Ralph Dannheisser
The Washington File
19 May 2003.
“Scholars Examine Compatibility of Islam and Democracy”
Nino Kader
The Washington File
16 May 2003.
“College hosts Middle East forum”
Joel Burgess
Hendersonville News
4 Apr 2003.
“The Silenced Majority”
Radwan Masmoudi
Journal of Democracy
Apr 2003.

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