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CSID “Training of Trainers” Workshops in Morocco and Tunisia

CSID Train the Trainers

The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) organized two “Training of Trainers” (ToT) workshops in Morocco and Tunisia during November 2009.  The first workshop was held in Casablanca in cooperation with the Citizenship Forum of Morocco on November 13-15, 2009. The second one was held in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunis on November 20-22, 2009.

Ten Moroccan and six Tunisian activists prominent in the field of citizenship and human rights education, participated in these two workshops that deal primarily with the intersection of Islam and Democracy as presented in a training manual developed by eight renowned Arab scholars, thinkers, and civil society activists, with the support of CSID and Street Law, titled “Islam and Democracy – Toward Effective Citizenship”. This training manual contains numerous practical exercises and drills, and has already been used in the training of over 4500 people in several Arab countries from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and Bahrain.
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Tunisia Workshop Nov 09 – 1At the opening remarks, Lamia Karar, director of the Arab Institute for Human Rights, reiterated the Arab Institute’s pride in offering their assistance to CSID for the second time in this endeavor. Ms. Karar spoke of the overlapping goals of the two organizations, highlighting the essential role that the Arab Institute plays in the propagation of human rights, particularly in its training efforts.  Dr. Masmoudi further emphasized the noteworthy and respectable efforts of the Arab Institute, and pressed the importance of training programs in the pursuit of Islam and democracy, insisting that democracy, with dialogue between Islamists and secularists at its core, was the solution to the ailments of the Arab and Muslim world. Mr. Jourchi supported the words of the two speakers before him, speaking highly of the tools and procedures of the training workshops as well as many other workshops and seminars that have taken place all over the Arab world, but also the ones that took place in Tunis in conjunction with the Al-Jahidh Forum.

Tunisia Workshop Nov 09 – 2The group demonstrated great leadership qualities, and this became clear as they completed each subsequent exercise and session. The participants expressed the great benefits of the workshops, and stated that they had learned many things that had not been exposed to them beforehand.   Furthermore, many of the program participants suggested extending these workshops especially to the Moroccan and Tunisian youth. The participants exclaimed that the trainers’ performance had been exceptional, and that they worked diligently with them every hour of the workshop. They relayed their desire and readiness to continue working with CSID to complement their newly acquired training, as well as to help prepare and execute future training workshops.

Morocco Workshop Nov 09 – 3CSID is holding two more “Train-the-Trainers” workshops in Jordan (Jan. 29-31, 2010) and in Bahrain (Feb. 4-6, 2010) and intends to continue working with and supporting our local partners and trainers in conducting more training workshops that include the following five segments of society:  youth, women, journalists, teachers, lawyers, and religious leaders (Imams).  Democracy education remains one of the best ways to build a culture of democracy, and human rights and to strengthen the pillars of future democratic states in the Arab world.  CSID’s approach provides a unique and innovative method to link democratic principles with Islamic values and traditions and to show that democracy, freedom, and human rights are indeed compatible with Islam.

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