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CSID Participates in Sixth Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy

World Movement Sixth Assembly 2

CSID President, Dr. Radwan Masmoudi, represented CSID in the sixth assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 11-14, 2010. Speakers included Anwar Ibrahim, Leader of the Opposition in Malaysia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, and over 550 activists and scholars from 120 countries.Read MoreDuring the Assembly, CSID co-sponsored a regional workshop on democracy in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), and a thematic workshop on “Religion, Tradition, and Rights: How Can Civic Educators Help Build the Bridges?”. The Assembly was a wonderful opportunity for democracy activists from across the world to network and to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of promoting and defending human rights and democracy in their countries and around the world. During a visit to a Muhammadiya Madrasa (middle school), Dr. Masmoudi presented the school officials with a copy of CSID’s training manual on “Islam and Democracy”.

Visit to the Muhammadiya School
Visit to the Muhammadiya School

During the MENA regional workshop, Dr. Masmoudi presided over a working group on building coalitions between Islamists and secularists, in order to support democracy in the MENA region. The working group agreed on the following points:

  • Dialogue and coalition-building between pro-democracy Islamist and secularist groups in the MENA region is a necessary and critical issue not only for for realizing a peaceful transition to democracy, but also to determine a democratic future for the region,
  • It is necessary to push both sides to be self-critical and re-evaluate many of their political and ideological positions,
  • We need to build upon the common denominator between the two sides, which consists of defending basic freedoms and human rights, while also starting a dialogue on long term issues and strengthening the concept of citizenship.

The Working Group came out with the following five recommendations:

A View of the MENA Regional Workshop
A View of the MENA Regional Workshop
  1. Produce a variety of programs on self-criticism, dialogue, and coexistence between Islamists and secularists, through organizing various workshops and camps whenever possible,
  2. Organize forums on the experiences in the field of role of religion in politics in other non-Arab Islamic countries, such as Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  3. Develop and implement seminars and conferences on the issue of religious reforms, and disseminate texts and articles that support renewal, realism, and pragmatism in Islamic culture and modern intellectual thought.
  4. Encourage the production of joint media projects between Islamists and secularists.
  5. Support dialogue between civil society groups and political organizations and leaders, both Islamists and secularists, and highlight and document success stories in building coalitions between the two groups to support democracy.

For more information, please Go to the World Movement Assembly Website

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