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The Center for the Study of Islam Democracy

Final Papers

Women and Judicial Decision-Making: The Status and Role of Women in Judiciary in Iran

Reza Eslami Somea


The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: A Preliminary Assessment of its Positions on Religious Freedom, Women and Religious Minorities

Alejandro J. Beutel

The Development of Islamic Feminism: Emancipation of Women; Opportunities towards the development of Democracy and Universal Human Rights

Shajeda Dewan


The Right of Women in Afghanistan

Belquis Ahmadi


Challenges Facing Women Human Rights Defenders

Archana Pyati


Reclaiming their rights through Islam: Islamist feminism in Turkey

Negar Razavi


Revolution from Within

Christina Sommers


Gender Equality and the Rule of Law: The Role of the Judiciary in Changing Discriminatory Norms – A Case Study with the Iraq High Tribunal”

Olivia Kraus


Culture Clash: Reading the Quran against Customs Stereotypes

Maryam Knight


Spiritual Capital of Politically Engaged Women in Kuwait

Alessandra Gonz√°lez


Engaging Muslim Women in Civic and Social Change: the Canadian Experience

Salima Ebrahim


How do traditional views on women and gender roles affect women s participation in the political and economic spheres?

Christina Safiya Tobias-Nahi

Keynnote Speeches:

¬¨‚àë        Azizah al-Hibri

¬¨‚àë        Margot Badran 

¬¨‚àë        Amina Rasul 



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