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CSID Sixth Annual Conference

The Center for Islam and Democracy (CSID) held its Sixth Annual Conference in Washington, DC on April 22 – 23, 2005 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. The theme of the conference was "Democracy and Development: Challenges for the Islamic World"

Conference Report, Abstracts, and Final Papers

Read the Conference Report by Layla Sein, CSID Conference Coordinator. The abstract and final papers are also available.  

Session 3 “Voices of Muslim Democrats

Session 6 “Barriers to Development”

Andrew S. Natsios USAID Administrator, addressed a rapt audience on “Democracy and the Islamic World.” He enhanced the tone of the conference with his main argument that “the problem in the Middle East is not Islam, it is autocratic regimes.” According to Natsios, democracy is completely possible in the Islamic world because “Islam has many characteristics that support democracy.” His keynot address was " Democractic Opportunity and the Islamic Word".

Andrew S. Natsios 

Saad Eddin Ibrahim of American University in Cairo, Egypt was the third luncheon keynote speaker.  He was introduced as a “foremost democratic thinker who is also a courageous fighter for democracy.” According to Ibrahim, 2/3 of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims live under emerging democracies (Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Turkey, Nigeria, and India). His keynote address was "Desert Mirage or Spring of Freedom".

Saad Eddin Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim: “Muslim Democrat of the year”

The third, and most poignant, highlight of the banquet was CSID’s presentation of the “Muslim Democrat of the Year Award” to Anwar Ibrahim , Distinguished Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, and Senior Associate, St Anthony’s, Oxford University. Anthony T. Sullivan introduced Ibrahim as “a model and inspiration to all.” His paper titled: "Islam and Democratization – The Winds of Change"

Anwar Ibrahim

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